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We must always take sides. Nutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented -- Elie Wiesel
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2/19/2015Democracy in recessionThe New York Times 
4/9/2014Rounding up suspects, Pakistan charges a babyThe New York Times 
12/6/2013Nelson MandelaThe New York Times 
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12/6/2013Nelson Mandela & ' the foundations of one's spritual life ' The Christian Science Monitor 
11/26/2013Iran nuclear deal changes Middle East alliances as Saudi Arabia rebels against U.SThe Daily Telegraph 
11/15/2013OPEC is yesterday's newsThe National Review 
8/29/2013The next economic bubbleThe Foreign Affairs 
8/28/2013The art of phoninessThe National Review 
8/24/2013UPS drops health benefits for 15,000 spouses The Christian Science Monitor 
8/1/2013Detroit's death by democracyThe Washington Post 
7/20/2013Flash point in the Eastern MediterranianThe Foreign Policy 
7/7/2013' I am your papa ' : Moammar Khadafy sex slave reveals mightmare of rape, fear & captivityThe New York Post 
7/3/2013' Taking ' it to the streetThe New York Times 
6/8/2013Solar pumps could boost farm yields in poor countries The Christian Science Monitor 
6/4/2013Torching utopiaThe National Review 
5/30/2013The Ayatollah under the bed ( sheets ) The Foreign Policy 
5/30/2013Why Can't America be Sweden?The New York Times 
5/28/2013New tools to hunt new viruses - - The New York Times 
5/27/2013100 years on, Rockefeller foundation still promotes ' the well - being of mankind 'The Christian Science Monitor 
5/26/2013The covert commander in chiefThe Washington Post 
5/5/2013An irrelevant Middle EastThe National Review 
4/29/2013War of ideas - no.1 gun sellers in the worldThe Foreign Policy 
4/10/2013Thatcher war right: A dependent society will failThe Fiscal Times 
4/4/2013Culture, class & the decline of marriageThe New York Times 
4/2/2013Freedom loses oneThe New York Times 
3/26/2013An America that is losing faith with religionThe Washington Post 
3/23/2013Measuring freedom around the worldThe American 
3/22/2013America's big fat advantageThe National Review 
3/8/2013Chavez Vs. Lula: Two distinct approaches to poverty reduction in Latin AmericaThe Christian Science Monitor 
3/7/2013New robots in the workplace: job creators or terminatorsThe Washington Post 
3/2/2013Waiting for GodThe Economist 
3/1/2013The learning virtuesThe New York Times 
2/22/2013UntitlesThe Foreign Affairs 
2/20/2013The belly dancing barometerThe New York Times 
2/16/2013Book review: ' Invisible armies ' a history of guerrilla warfare, by Max BootThe Washington Post 
2/13/2013America's misguided approach to social welfareThe Foreign Affairs 
2/6/2013India vs. China vs. EgyptThe New York Times 
2/2/2013Tehranimal Farm The Foreign Policy 
1/28/2013Does poverty still matter?The National Review 
1/22/2013Against Swedenization The National Review 
1/13/2013Subsidizing starvationThe Forgien Policy 
1/10/2013Again, the tug of global retreatThe Washington Post 
1/1/2013U.S. birthrate dips as Hispanic pregnancies fallThe New York Times 
12/10/2012How older parenthood will upend American society The New Republic 
12/10/2012The great mismatchThe Economist 
12/10/2012You didn't build thatThe Foreign Policy 
12/3/2012Global water crisis: Seen from the first Himalyan glacial trickleThe Christian Science Monitor 
12/2/2012More babies, pleaseThe New York Times 
11/28/2012Mideast, getting colderThe National Review 
11/27/2012Yasser Arafat chronology of lifeThe Daily Telegraph 
11/25/2012Hatching ideas, & companies, by the dozens at M.I.T. - - The New York Times 
11/24/2012Curacao looks at using Ocean water for powerThe Christian Science Monitor 
11/5/2012The permanent militarization of AmericaThe New York Times 
10/30/2012Want teens to do volunteer work? make it social The Christian Science Monitor 
10/28/2012How Obama lost the Middle East - - The New York Post 
10/22/2012A prairie liberal, trounced but never silencedThe New York Times 
10/22/2012Reverse brain drain: poles circulate home & out again to Europe - - The Christian Science Monitor 
10/4/2012Spinning AhmadinejadThe National Review 
9/22/2012Exploiting the prophetThe New York Times 
9/13/2012How poor is poor ?The National Review 
9/11/2012Slick Iranian move puts U.S. in precarious placeThe Washington Post 
9/10/2012Mysterious changes in ocean salt spur NASA The Yaoo News 
9/8/2012Asian welfare states - Nw cradles to gravesThe Economist 
9/7/2012Rethinking the welfare state - Asia's next revolutionThe Economist 
9/2/2012The geography of povertyThe Economist 
8/27/2012Alarm as hundreds of children under age of 10 married in IranThe Daily Telegraph 
8/19/2012Rethinking the Middle EastThe Washington Post 
8/17/2012The online ummahThe Economist 
8/16/2012Secret diplomacy holds the key to any solution of the Iran crisisThe Daily Telegraph 
8/8/2012Average is over, part IIThe New York Times 
8/7/2012What holds the Arab world back ?The Washington Post 
8/7/2012Maybe poverty doesn't breed terrorismThe Foreign Policy 
7/13/2012Crayfish to eat, and to clean the waterThe New York Times 
7/11/2012Open education for a global economy The New York Times 
7/10/2012Will hunger crisis fuel child marriags ?The Washington Post 
7/8/2012More people are putting off parenthood, what will that mean for their kids ? - - The Washington Post 
7/8/2012American Twilight The National Review 
6/24/2012Capitalism is good and good for you The National Review 
6/21/2012Buried seed vault guards thousands of crop varieties - - The Christian Science Monitor 
6/19/2012Tending the body's microbial gardenThe New York Times 
6/18/2012The global challenge of food & nutrition securityThe Washington Post 
6/13/2012Elinor Ostrom, winner of Nobel in economics, her legacyThe New York Times  
6/13/2012Irrigation expert crosses religions, political lines to win world food prize - - The Christian Science Monitor 
6/12/2012Millennium development goal met: 2 billion access waterThe Christian Science Monitor 
6/6/2012The microinsurance revolutionThe New York Times 
6/4/2012Hello, heterogeneityThe New York Times 
6/1/2012The segmentation century The New York Times 
6/1/2012Kidneys for sale: Poor Iranians compete The Guardian 
6/1/2012The Arab Spring was no prelude to democracy - - The Daily Telegraph 
5/30/2012To screen or not ?The New York Times 
5/29/2012The role of uncle SamThe New York Times 
5/26/2012Oil boom in the Americas shift energy geopoliticsThe Washington Post 
5/22/2012Hope springs a trapThe Economist 
5/17/2012Uncovering early IslamThe National Review 
5/16/2012Prolific and provocative novelist The Washington Post 
5/11/2012U.S., India glimpse a bright future togther in Solar powerThe Washington Post 
5/9/2012Conservative and gays: Where do we stand ?The National Review 
5/8/2012The structural revolution The New York Times 
5/6/2012Persians V. ArabsThe Economist 
5/4/2012The campus tsunamiThe New York Times 
5/2/2012Tanks, Jets or scholarship ?The New York Times 
5/2/2012The creative monopolyThe New York Times 
4/26/2012Why America is still the best hope The National Review 
4/25/2012Older men still being screened for prostate cancerThe New York Times 
4/24/2012Liberate ' zones of electronic repression ' !The National Review 
4/23/2012Strategic stability in today's nuclear world - - The Washington Post 
4/23/2012Cause of brain freeze revealed The Yahoo News 
4/22/2012A third industrial revolutionThe Economist 
4/20/2012African continent ' setting on vast reservoir 'The Daily Telegraph 
4/19/2012Demography - China's achilles heelThe Economist 
4/18/2012Karen Armstrong arues for practical compassionThe Christian Science Monitor 
4/17/2012New treatment for prostate cancer gives ' perfect result ' for nine in ten men: research - - The Daily Telegraph 
4/15/2012Nigeria tested by rapid rise in populationThe New York Times 
4/13/2012The rise of atheism in AmericaThe Yahoo News 
4/12/2012It's not the Arab Spring, It's the nahdaThe National Review 
4/8/2012Five myths about waterThe Washington Post 
4/1/2012Pure democracy ? No such thingThe Washington Post 
3/31/2012Barefoot college & microformers shine as innovative power solutionsThe Christian Science Monitor 
3/29/2012The desperate fight for Egypt's soulThe New York Post 
3/21/2012The talent societyThe New York Times 
3/16/2012Africa rising: First it was China, now the Gulf discovers the African marketThe Christian Science Monitor 
3/16/2012The Arabs, fifty years agoThe Naional Review 
3/16/2012Smart concrete The Economist 
3/16/2012How to fight the manThe New York Times 
3/15/2012India's census results, just gething byThe Economist 
3/12/2012Exiled crown prince campaigns to bring Arab Spring to IranThe Daily Telegraph 
3/11/2012Democracy and its enemiesThe Economist 
3/8/2012Colonialism in Africa helped launch the HIV epidemic a century agoThe Washington Post 
3/8/2012Time to attck Israel ?The New York Times 
3/8/2012Sex and love from the lab to the bedroomThe Washington Post 
3/6/2012Muslim making AtheistsThe National Review 
2/29/2012Taking out dictatorsThe National Review 
2/23/2012Iran 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 The National Review 
2/19/2012Biggst holders of U.S. government debtThe CNBC 
2/19/2012Unwed and impertubed - - The National Review 
2/18/2012Canadian Muslim family convicted of honor killings 
2/4/2012Reform in Arab Gulf regimes is unattainable - for nowThe Guardian 
1/31/2012The way that history went downThe National Review 
1/30/2012Japan's population to shrink nearly a third by 2060The ABC News 
1/29/2012Iran confirms death sentence for ' porn site ' web programmerThe Guardian 
1/27/2012The economic lessons the rest of the world could teach usThe Washington Post 
1/27/2012The state of education - - The National Review 
1/26/2012Reform in Arab Gulf regimes is unattainable - for nowTheGuardian 
1/25/2012Middle Class is moving forward, not backward The Washington Post 
1/25/2012Shiite and Sunnis: What are the differencesThe Christian Science Monitor 
1/20/2012The U.S. a beacon of success - - The Washington Post 
1/18/2012Turkey: Nato's ' open prison 'The National Review 
1/18/2012U.S. drone strikes again. Is Pakistan's military angeling for a favor ?The Christian Science Monitor 
1/18/2012Nearly 7 million bats may have died from white - nose fungus, officials say - - The Washington Post 
1/17/2012Supreme loserThe Foreign Policy. Com 
1/17/2012India reports first cases of ' total drug - resistant tuberculosis " - - The Daily Telegraph 
1/12/2012Under Obama, an emerging global apparatus for drone killingThe Washington Post 
1/10/2012In a first, gas & other fuels are top U.S. exportThe Yahoo News 
1/10/2012as 2011 ends, is America still a great nation ?The USA Today 
1/10/2012America is retreating from the world stageThe Daily Telegraph 
1/6/2012A new social agenda - - The New York Times 
1/5/2012What's Islam got to do with it ?The National Review 
1/5/2012Could the desert sun power the world ?The Guardian 
1/5/2012economic fundamentalsThe National Review 
12/21/2011Doctrine of silenceThe New York Times 
12/21/2011The growing tension between capitalism and democracyThe Washington Post 
12/21/2011America's new IsolationismThe Boston Globe 
12/21/2011Brave new transnational progressive worldThe National Review 
12/21/2011In Africa, producing food from waste The Christian Science Monitor 
11/27/2011In the Arab world, it's the past vs. the future - - The New York Times 
11/18/2011Shale gas revolutionThe New York Times 
11/18/2011Democracy versus mob ruleThe National Review 
11/18/2011Autocracies unitedThe National Review 
11/18/2011American Imperialism ? pleaseThe National Review 
11/18/2011Crisis of decadenceThe National Review 
11/18/2011How we succeed by failingThe Washington Post 
11/18/2011America the overcommitted The New York Times 
11/4/2011An engineering professor who combines mechanical know - how with creativity - -The Washington Post 
11/3/2011Freedom may be messy, but it beats despotism - -The Christian Science Monitor 
10/31/2011Kahlili: Iran already has nuclear weaponsThe Washington Times 
10/30/2011Oil's new world order - - The Washington Post 
10/28/2011Islam & politics in the new Middle East - - The Washington Post 
10/26/2011World population could double, warns U.N. - - The Daily Telegraph 
10/24/2011The trouble with TurkeyThe National Review 
10/24/2011We have been warnedThe National Review 
10/24/2011Seven Billion - - The New York Times 
10/20/2011Foreigner's sweetener: Buy house, get green card - - The Wall Street Journal 
10/16/2011Obama's anti - terror doctrineThe Daily Beast 
10/16/2011This brutality is not IslamThe Guardian 
10/16/2011Who owens history ?The National Review 
10/16/2011The lost decade ?The New York Times 
10/16/2011Is Turkey going rouge ?The National Review 
10/16/2011Sanders: The puzzle of dealing with IslamThe Washington Times 
10/16/2011The world can feed itself without ruining the planet, study says - - The Christian Science Monitor 
10/15/2011Some human rights question for Iran's presidentThe Washington Post 
10/15/2011The end of an era in IranThe Washington Post 
10/12/2011Few treatment options for Afghans as drug use rises The New York Times 
10/2/2011A push to farm smarter - not bigger - to feed the worlds' hungry - - The Christian Science Monitor 
9/22/2011Why young Americans can't think morally - - The National Review 
9/22/2011' Land grabs ' leave people hungry & homeless -- Oxfam - - The Daily Telegraph 
9/21/2011History, hardliners, & humility The National Review 
9/21/2011Laser advances in nuclear fuel stir terror fear The New York Times 
9/21/2011Backpack farms helps small African farmers defeat drought - - The Christian Science Monitor 
9/21/2011Ataturk, the Arab Spring, & Europe's fallThe National Review 
8/27/2011Enginering food for allThe New York Times 
8/27/2011Can America still lead ?The Washington Post 
8/27/2011Can Islam be reformed The National Review 
8/26/2011Steve Jobs reshaped industries - - The New York Times 
8/22/2011Heavy weights back Iranian exile groupThe Financial Times 
8/18/2011Five trees you have never heard of that are helping to feed Africa - - The Christian Science Monitor 
8/17/2011Still the only solution to the world's problems - - The National Review 
8/13/2011Gray area: How does democracy do in an againg society ?The Washington Post 
8/13/2011The great Alawite hopeThe National Review 
7/26/2011The clash of generationsThe New York Times 
7/26/2011A look into the ocean's futureThe New York Times 
7/26/2011The rise and fall of Iran's AhmadinejadThe Washington Post 
7/26/2011Horn of Africa drought: A vision of hell at the Dabaah refugee campThe Daily Telegraph 
7/26/2011The good short lifeThe New York Times 
7/26/2011Assimilation's failure, terrorism's rise The New York Times 
7/21/2011Muslim - Western tensions persists - - The Pew Research Center 
7/20/2011Africa could be the bread basket of the world - - The Daily Telegraph 
7/19/2011Empower Iranians vs. Tehran - - The National Review 
7/14/2011Will China replace U.S. as world's leading superpower ? - - The Pew Research Center 
7/12/2011Brazil's giddy convergenceThe New York Times 
7/12/2011Solar sister wants to light up rural AfricaThe Christian Science Monitor 
7/12/2011The price of liberty: weedsThe New York Times 
7/12/2011Self - deception & the JihadThe National Review 
7/11/2011Five little - known vegitables that could help end hunger - - The Christian Science Monitor 
7/6/2011Arab world: why social expenditures in the Arab states isn't. workingThe Los Angeles Times 
7/6/2011West Africa rising: cocaine traffickers find more buyers at home The Christian Science Monitor 
7/5/2011Arab Spring expectations confront harsh realityThe Washington Times 
6/30/2011Census update: What the world will look like in 2050 - - The Yahoo News 
6/29/2011Is democracy viable ? - - The National Review 
6/28/2011South Asia's energy quest culd reshape regionThe Washington Post 
6/28/2011In Saudi Arabia, royal dunts buy peace for nowThe New York Times 
6/15/2011The depravity factorThe New York Times 
6/15/2011In defense of American exceptionalismThe National Review 
6/15/2011It's not about youThe New York Times 
6/15/2011The weak foundations of Arab democracyThe New York Times 
6/15/2011Britain is workingThe New York Times 
6/6/2011The big society The New York Times 
6/6/2011Getting smart on AidThe New York Times 
6/6/2011AmericanismThe National Review 
6/6/2011Amid the Arab Spring, a U.S. - Saudi splitThe Washington Post 
6/6/201191.7% - minorities account for nearly all U.S. population growth The Pew Research Center 
5/17/2011Iraq - a province of Iran ?The National Review 
5/17/2011The dark night of IslamThe National Review 
5/17/2011Time to rethink Afghanistan strategyThe CNN News 
5/17/2011The politics of solipsismThe New York Times 
5/14/2011How Mafuta Sasa is turning waste cooking oil into clean - burning biodiesel in East Africa - - The Christian Science Monitor 
5/13/2011U.N. forcasts 10.1 billion people by century's endThe New York Times 
5/13/2011What drives historyThe New York Times 
5/13/2011Is America in declineThe American Enterprise Inst. for Public Research 
5/13/2011How to teach democracy The Guardian 
5/13/2011This will be the Arab world's next battleThe Guardian 
4/27/2011Times of upheavalhe New York Times 
4/18/2011Multiculturalism: For or against ?The National Review 
4/18/2011India adds 181 million people in a decadeThe Washington Post 
4/12/2011Democracy is messyThe New York Times  
4/12/2011China's African investments: Who benefitsThe Washington Post 
4/12/2011Iran touts major nuclear advances, raising western concerns - - The Washington Post 
4/8/2011Taking feminism overseasThe National Revies 
4/8/2011Tools for thinkingThe New York Times 
4/8/2011Middle East ' needs a Marshall plan ', says Dr. Nasser SaidiThe Daily Telegraph 
4/8/2011Six ways for U.S. to reset relations in the Middle EastThe Christian Science Monitor 
4/8/2011The IKe phaseThe New York Times 
4/8/2011The fourth WaveThe New Republic 
4/7/2011The star students of the Islamic Republic - -The Newsweek 
3/24/2011Turkey's poor exampleThe Washington Post 
3/24/2011A transition for Arab economiesThe Washington Post 
3/24/2011What we can do for EgyptThe Washington Post 
3/16/2011Behind the revoltsThe New York Post 
3/16/2011Arab rise, Tehran tremblesThe New York Times 
3/16/2011Huntinton's clash revisitedThe New York Times 
3/16/2011Arab democracy & the return of the Mediterranean worldThe Washington Post 
3/16/2011Arab nations lag behind rest of world economically dispite oil & natural gasThe Washington Post 
3/10/2011U.S. funding web firms that help Mideast dissidents evade government censorsThe Washington Post 
3/3/2011Green DayThe New Republic 
3/1/2011Is democracy viable ?The Naional Review 
2/24/2011Liberty, 21st centuryThe National Review 
2/24/2011Middle East economies: by numbersThe Daily Telegraph 
2/22/2011The U.S. must empower the green movementThe Washington Post 
2/22/2011Talk like an EgyptianThe National Review 
2/22/2011The future of a democratic EgyptThe Washington Post 
2/20/2011The reality of revolutionThe New Republic 
2/20/2011How Mubarak kept Egypt embalmed against progressThe New York Post 
2/20/2011Political Islam is here to stay -- U.S. must accept & adjustThe Christian Science Monitor 
2/14/2011The future of the global Muslim populationThe PEW Research Center publications 
2/14/2011The 40 percent nationThe New York Times 
2/14/2011Bones of democracy - who will build Egypt's future ?The New York Post 
2/13/2011Malware aimed at Iran hit five sites, report saysThe New York Times 
2/12/2011America and autocrats The National Review 
2/12/2011Fear the Muslim BrotherhoodThe National Review 
2/10/2011Iranian web programmer faces execution on porn charges The Guardian 
2/7/2011Hunger & food security: One way to create an African breadbasket - - The Christian Science Monitor 
2/2/2011The Arab road to democracyThe Washington Post 
1/31/2011A note of warning & encouragement for Egyptions - - The New Republic 
1/29/2011China's winning schools ?The New York Times 
1/29/2011What I learned from Sargent ShriverThe New York Times 
1/29/2011Test on worm called crucial in Iran nuclear delayThe New York Times 
1/22/2011Our challenge with ChinaThe Washington Post 
1/22/2011MEK is not a terrorist groupThe National Review 
1/22/2011Who are the real hijackers of Islam ?The National Review 
1/22/2011Jihad 101The National Review 
1/22/2011The American 21st centuryThe National Review 
1/15/2011Sacrificing microcredit for megaprofits - - The New York Times 
1/12/2011Iran: Experts alarmed at growing rate of high school dropouts The Los Angeles Times 
1/12/2011Iran overhauls education system to erase western influencesThe Washington Post 
1/12/2011Lula era comes to an end in BrazilThe Guardian 
1/6/2011Why Ahmadinejad is dismissing high - level Iranian officialsThe Christian Science Monitor 
1/3/2011Iran: Exports alarmed at growing rate of high school dropoutsThe Los Angeles Times 
1/1/2011The road to 2014The National Review 
1/1/2011Suicide bombing comes home to IranThe New York Post 
1/1/2011Jimmy Carter fight to eradicte the Guinea wormThe Spiegel 
12/23/2010Fears grow for health of detained Iranian lawyer Nasrin SotodehThe Guardian 
12/23/2010Hillary Clinton's vision for foreign policy on a tight budgetThe Christian Science Monitor 
12/23/2010Rwanda's economic miracleThe National Review 
12/23/2010Under the veilThe World Affairs 
12/23/2010Twelve great reasons to love a great countryThe National Review 
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12/16/2010Are the mullahs behind the killingsThe New York Times 
12/14/2010The Mideast's next generation of politiciansThe Washington Post 
11/30/2010In Africa, wariness toward science impedes research & developmentThe Christian Science Monitor 
11/30/2010Kenya transforms an invasive plant into an industryThe Christian Science Monitor 
11/29/2010Iran's nclear program hit by sabatage - - The Washington Post 
11/28/2010How to reform IslamThe National Review 
11/28/2010Why 300 million more people are suddenly poorThe Christian Science Monitor 
11/28/2010The two culturesThe New York Times  
11/28/2010Europe still vital in talks with IranThe Guardian 
11/21/2010Middle East peace starts with developmentThe Guardian 
11/20/2010Keny's future hings on making agriculture coolThe Christian Science Monitor 
11/17/2010The crossroads nationThe New York Times 
11/17/2010The source of Soviet Iranian conductThe Foreign .com 
11/17/2010European modelingThe National Review 
11/16/2010Iran's Middle class to be hard hit as subsidy program is overhauled - - The Washington Post 
11/13/2010How we got hereThe New York Times 
10/27/2010The U.S.'s disorganized retreatThe National Review 
10/27/2010Marzieh ObituaryThe Guardian 
10/27/2010Change, don't ' celebrate ' cultureThe National Review 
10/27/2010Cyber attack tops Britain's list of defense priorities The Christian Science Monitor 
10/23/2010Iraq: letting Iran call the shotsThe New York Post 
10/23/2010Iran marches onThe New York Post 
10/23/2010Islam and the WestThe National Review 
10/23/2010Europe! Europe! Europe! The New York Times 
10/19/2010The cult of MulticulturalismThe National Review 
10/18/2010German's Angela Merkel: Multiculturalism has ' utterly failed ' - - The Christian Science Monitor 
10/14/2010Two sides of the Jihadi coinThe National Review 
10/14/2010Turkey, Japan at crossroadThe National Review 
10/14/2010Their moon shot and oursThe New York Times 
10/7/2010Stuxnet malwre is ' weapon ' out to destroy ... Urab's Bushehr nuclear plant ?The Christian Science Monitor 
10/7/2010Two sides of the Jihadi coinThe Christian Science Monitor 
9/30/2010Boast, build & sellThe New York Times 
9/29/2010Stuxnet malware is ' weapon ' out to destroy ... Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant ?The Christian Science Monitor 
9/28/2010Has Iran met its millennium development goals ? The Christian Science Monitor 
9/26/2010Cry Islamophobia !The National Review 
9/26/2010The defeat lobbyThe New York Post 
9/26/2010Obama's delusions of competenceThe National Review 
9/21/2010Democracy still matters - - The New York Times 
9/19/2010Unicef's idea - - The New York Times 
9/17/2010Dear Muslims, let's all agree to reject hatredThe Washington Post 
9/17/2010Nine years since 9/11The National Review 
9/17/2010The worst of time The National Review 
9/17/2010I.B.M : Africa is the next growth frontier - - The New York Times 
9/10/2010The genteel nation - - The New York Times 
9/10/2010Islam center's eerie echo of ancient terror - -The New York Post 
9/8/2010As nationalism rises, will the Europe union fall ?The Washington Post 
9/8/2010Pentagon's cybersecurity plans have a cold war chillThe Washington Post 
9/7/2010In Europe, it's no longer East vs. West - - The Washington Post 
8/23/2010Why taxes are low in the Middle EastThe Guardian 
8/13/2010End poverty: Export capitalismThe USA Today 
8/13/2010If Iran came close to getting a nuclear weapons, would Obama use force ? The Washington Post 
8/13/2010Around the world, freedom is in perilThe Washington Post 
8/13/2010The cost of despotismThe National Review 
7/18/2010Americans must not be cowed by Muslim objections to cartoons - - The Washington Post 
7/14/2010More of world's poor live in India than in all sub - Sahra Africa, says study - - The Guardian 
7/10/2010Paradise found: Water & life to Iraq's garden of EdenThe Guardian 
7/6/2010Democracy in trouble - - The Washington Post 
7/5/2010Around the world, freedom is in peril - - The Washington Post 
6/28/2010A newly unhindered China invests billions for a scientific edge - - The Washington Post 
6/28/2010Turkey, the headscarf, & secularismThe National Reviw 
6/27/2010Battle for the Nile as rivals lay claim to Africa's great river - - The Guardian 
6/25/2010The realism of seeking Iranian democracyThe Washington Post 
6/21/2010The fantasy of an Iranian revolution - - The Washington Post 
6/16/2010Afghanistan's real gold - - The Washington Post 
6/15/2010Ethopia aims to turn itself into a regional energy giant - - The Guardian 
6/12/2010To save Africa, reject its nations - - The New York Times 
6/11/2010The myth of Iran's ' isolation ' - - The National Review 
6/7/2010A modest proposal for Liberia - - The Washington Post 
6/6/2010Chosen, but not special - - The New York Times 
6/3/2010Israel stations nuclear missile subs off IranThe Times Online 
6/3/2010Hell in the Islamic republicThe New York Times 
6/3/2010A sober acknowlegment in AfricaThe Washington Post 
6/3/2010The danger of a government with unlimited power - - The Washington Post 
6/3/2010Will U.S. revoke the right of American citiznship to foreigners born here ? - - The Christian Science Monitor 
5/21/2010China is pulling ahead in worlwide race for high - speed rail transportationThe Washington Post 
5/19/2010Visiting Africa's Eden The New York Times 
5/19/2010The limits of policyThe New York Times 
5/12/2010Get ready for a nuclear IranThe Wall Street Journal 
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5/3/2010To comedy central. Islam means submissionThe National Review 
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4/30/2010Global mortality rate down dramatically, study of past 40 years shows - - The Washington Post 
4/30/2010Has Ahmadinejad really crushed the green movement for good ? - - The New Republic 
4/30/2010What I learned from boobquake - -The Guardian 
4/28/2010Obama's nuclear naivety - - The National Review 
4/21/2010GM crops can benefit farmers - - The Guardian 
4/20/2010The death of the American century - - The Washington Post 
4/19/2010The Obama DoctrineThe National Review 
4/19/2010The U.N. Love boatThe National Review 
4/19/2010How did Iran go so wrong ?The National Review 
4/19/2010David Ignatius reviews ' A time to betray,' the memoir of an Iranian double agent The Washington Post 
4/18/2010'Haystack' gives Iranian opposition hope for evading internet censorship - - The Christian Science Monitor 
4/18/2010China pours money into Latin America - - The Guardian 
4/15/2010Losing the stomach for humanitarian interventionsThe National Review 
4/11/2010A link to break: Iran and Mideast peace talks - - The Washington Post 
4/4/2010How to use Afghan culture to devise a political strategy - and exit - - The Washington Post 
3/31/2010This time we really mean it - - The New York Times 
3/30/2010Tattered Liberty The National Review 
3/30/2010What the Iraqis are building - - The Washington Post 
3/29/2010MediaGurdian innovation awards: Austin Heap vs. Iran's consors - - The Guardian 
3/28/2010Quake - accentuated chasm that has defined Haiti - - The New York Times 
3/27/2010Binyamin Netanyahu humiliated after Barak Obama 'dumped him for dinner' - - The Times Online 
3/24/2010Basic countries to absorb 42% of water demand by 2030 - -The Guardian 
3/23/2010Stoned in Iran, snubbed in Hollywood : How PC buried 'Soraya M.' - -The Culture & Media Institute 
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8/3/2009Iran is ready to build an N - bomb - it is just waiting for the Ayatollah's order - - The Times Online 
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3/5/2009Please squeeze the Mullahs - - The National Review 
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